Cyclorama Building � Lumsden McCormick, LLP � Project Images

Cyclorama Building – Lumsden McCormick, LLP, Buffalo, New York

The historic Cyclorama Building was renovated for the new offices of Lumsden McCormick, LLP accounting firm. The shape of the building created an interesting challenge to provide the required number of offices while allowing natural light to penetrate to the building interior. The center atrium provided interesting pathways through the center of the building.

The entry was completely renovated to include a new open air with views from the second floor conference room and breakout areas. Break rooms were kept open for gathering areas and informal meeting spaces. The location on the second floor was selected as an access point for a future patio area on the roof of the first floor building area.

Floor Plans

Lumsden McCormick, LLP – Cyclorama Building Ground Floor Plan
Lumsden McCormick, LLP – Cyclorama Building Second Floor Plan